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United Miners – A Good Way to Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the current wartime situation in Ukraine, there is a major issue – not all people that wish to contribute to our victory know how exactly they can help – with what actions, through which channels, and if they don’t have extra money.

United Miners is the advanced service for a simple use that enables absolutely everybody with a PC, laptop, or smartphone and Internet connection to contribute to the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without going far or paying any money. 

Mining for the Armed Forces via United Miners

There are two problems that people who wish to contribute face:

  1. Finding and connecting with a trustworthy volunteer team;
  2. Helping with something other than money donations.

Even those willing to help out some way or another are often having trouble finding proper opportunities. With the United Miners platform created by IDAP, this stops being a problem.

United Miners is an advanced charitable platform. By joining it, you give the power of your computer to raise funds – cryptocurrencies, which are converted into dollars to be donated to charitable fundraisers of your choice.

How it came to be

The team at IDAP managed to build the underlying design in just 3 days and kick off full-on development in about a week. The finished platform is a simple browser-based tool that allows you to easily help raise funds for the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can help us maximize donations without having to spend money or really donate anything.

How it works

If you have a PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone with a stable web connection and are eager to help but don’t have the slightest idea how exactly you can do that – all you need to do is:

  • Go to the United Miners website;
  • Select the level of hardware consumption – you may contribute a big, moderate, or small part of your hardware resources;
  • Click “Start mining” and leave the tab open.

That’s it. Helping our Armed Forces in the time of strictest need has never been easier. 

Platform’s goal

According to our in-house calculations, 100 thousand users contributing hardware power from 100 thousand PCs can help generate $12,000-13,000 monthly. This can give our Armed Forces 1-2 SUVs each month, which is a more than felt contribution.

United Miners lets everybody – even displaced Ukrainians – help boost the support for our Armed Forces, who are guarding the lives of millions of people every minute of the day. You can help make this war easier to cope with for both people in need and army specialists and soldiers. 

So take a minute and start contributing today!

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