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15+ Best Live Streaming Apps [Updated for 2022]

Who said likes and comments can’t pay the bills?

They totally can.


The answer: live streaming apps. You can earn money with your talent and get loyal followers and admirers.

But it’s not just about the money.

You can meet great people from all around the world, showcase your gaming skills, broadcast business events, and build your social media following.

Read on for live streaming apps and tips to choose the best one.

In this post:

  • What is a live streaming app?
  • How to choose the best live stream app
  • List of the best live streaming apps

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What is a Live Streaming App?

A live streaming app is an app that allows users to record and share live video with viewers in real time. The users can also interact with the viewers via a built-in chat and comments.

Live streaming apps are created with different sets of features. The basic live stream apps can only capture and stream content, whereas more complex ones include features for media production purposes.

How to Choose The Best Live Streaming App?

To make choosing a live streaming app easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of simple questions. Ask yourself these to define the best video streaming app for you:

  • “Do I have a budget?” A paid video streaming app is better for businesses while free live stream apps should be enough for private and small business use.
  • “Do I need analytics?” Some live broadcasting apps have viewer analytics that businesses can use to understand the audience’s behavior. Choose an app with analytics if you’d like to learn more about viewers.
  • “Do I need to generate leads?” Pick a live streaming app with marketing and lead generation features in this case.
  • “How many live videos will I broadcast?” One hour of 720p live video uses about 2GB, so plan accordingly. Consider an app with unlimited streaming if you’re planning 10 or more events every month.
  • “What kind of audience do I want to attract?” Pick a live stream app created specifically for a platform(s) where your audience is. Example: if you’d like to engage social media users, pick among live streaming social media apps.

With that in mind—

Here’s a list of the best live streaming apps, in no particular order. Each app comes with its type, user reviews, and tips for choosing.

Best Live Streaming Apps

  1. Tango — Great for fan monetization
  2. Trovo — Live streaming app for gamers
  3. Twitch — Most popular game streaming app
  4. Vimeo — Versatile app for both private and business use
  5. Uplive — Best for making friends
  6. Dacast — Business & organizational video streams
  7. 17LIVE — 24/7 entertainment live streams
  8. Wowza — Best for businesses
  9. Bigo LIVE — Large social community 
  10. Live Now — Quality streams for gamers with no limits
  11. YouNow — Great for influencers and vloggers
  12. Omlet Arcade — Mobile to PC streaming for gamers
  13. Streamlabs — Live video streaming + a merch shopping feature
  14. TikTok Live — Perfect for quick audience building
  15. LiveMe Pro — Popular app for meeting friends
  16. LinkedIn Live — Best for business content and professional conversations
  17. Nimo TV — Dedicated streaming app for gamers
  18. YouTube Live — Best live stream app for news and entertainment
  19. Facebook Live — The easiest way to stream
  20. Instagram Live — 100% free live stream app
  21. Pococha Live — New, rapidly growing live streaming app

1. Tango

Rating: 4.5 (Google Play Store), 4.4 (App Store)


Tango is a live streaming app made for content creators who want to make money from their talents. You can create cool experiences for others with performances, earn gifts, and exchange those for real cash. This way, you can turn your live streams into a business.

Why choose Tango:

  • Easy registration
  • Great video quality
  • Can help you earn money
  • Compatible with all popular devices
  • Show off your talents to millions of people

Who should use this video streaming app:

Cooking bloggers, musicians, fitness coaches, gamers, comedians, educators, and fashion fans.


Free to use. Premium broadcasts and features cost extra fees.

Download Tango:

For iOS

For Android

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2. Trovo

Rating: 4.2 (Google Play Store), 4.4. (App Store)


Love watching your favorite gamers play? Or maybe you’re a hardcore gamer yourself with impressive skills to show off? In both cases, you should check out Trovo. It’s one of the best video streaming apps where you can watch gamers in action and share your experiences, too.

Why choose Trovo:

  • Share your own game experience
  • Hundreds of streams of video games
  • Interact with gamers in a chatroom

Who should use this video streaming app:

Gamers and game streamers.


Watching streams is free but Trovo offers premium subscription options. For US $1.99, $4.99 and $8.99, users can subscribe to any streamer, get customizable badges, and buy and cast spells.

Download Trovo:

For iOS

For Android

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3. Twitch

Rating: 4.5 (Google Play Store), 4.7 (App Store)


Twitch is considered the most popular live streaming app for gamers. Indeed, the platform has 140+ million monthly active users and 9+ million streams. Although most streams on Twitch are related to gaming or technology, you’ll also find many videos with artists and musicians, or simply chats.

Why choose Twitch:

  • Simple to use
  • Very easy to earn money
  • Millions of gaming streams
  • Watch and interact with gamers in real time
  • Most known game streamers use the platform

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Gamers and game streamers.


Watching streams and chatting with streamers is free. Twitch offers premium subscription options that start from $4.99 per month.

Download Twitch:

For iOS

For Android

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4. Vimeo

Rating: 4.0 (Google Play Store), 4.4 (App Store)


Vimeo is a Swiss Army Knife among live streaming apps. The platform has options for social media video, multiple streams, and business streaming. Users say that this mobile streaming works well across platforms and the video quality is good (full 1080p HD).

Why choose Vimeo:

  • No ads on videos
  • Easy-to-use video management options
  • Viewer engagement options like QAs and polls
  • Helpful viewer analytics to learn about the audience
  • Broadcast your stream across multiple apps and social media platforms

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Marketers, educators, small businesses, event planners, and artists.


Streaming plans begin at $7/mo for 5GB/week, which should be enough for personal use. Businesses might need to consider Premium (unlimited streaming + 7TB storage, $75/mo) and Enterprise (custom pricing) plans.

Download Vimeo:

For iOS

For Android

5. Uplive

Rating: 4.3 (Google Play Store), 4.3 (App Store)


Uplive is more than a mobile streaming app. It’s a video social media platform with millions of streams from people all over the world. You can start your own or join video or audio streams where people talk just about anything.

Why choose Uplive:

  • 24/7 live streams
  • Great for making new friends
  • Send gifts to favorite stream hosts
  • Suitable for both personal and business uses
  • You can create personal party rooms with up to nine friends

Who should use this app for live streaming:

People who just want to make new friends, chat, and hang out. But make-up artists, dancers, and signers will also find this live streaming app useful for building audiences.


Free to use. Users can purchase coins to reward streamers. 

Download Uplive:

For iOS

For Android

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6. Dacast

Rating: 4.3 (Capterra), 4.3 (GetApp)


This is a video streaming application for businesses. Datacast uses a universal HTML5 player supported by all smartphone systems and the web. This means you can embed your live streams anywhere, and people will be able to access it regardless of the device they’re using.

Note that Dacast needs the Larix Broadcaster live streaming app to stream from mobile devices.

Why choose Dacast:

  • Features suited for business use
  • Works well with all websites
  • Real-time and historical analytics
  • Professional support for company clients
  • Highly scalable to fit the needs of different businesses

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations, event organizers.


The plan for small businesses (1.2 TB, 50 GB storage) costs $39/mo. Large businesses can choose among the custom plan and Scale plan (24TB, 1000 GB storage). There’s also a one-time offer for events with 6 TB upfront for $63.

A free 30-day trial is also available for this live broadcasting app. 

Dacast 30-day free trial:

Sign up

Download Larix Broadcaster:

For iOS [4.4 stars]

For Android [4.2 stars]

7. 17LIVE

Rating: 4.2 (Google Play Store), 4.7 (App Store)


If you want to find streamers who make good content about your interests, try 17LIVE. This live streaming app has millions of streams that mainly cover three topic areas: entertainment, gaming, and art sharing. Users suggest 17LIVE is a stable, secure, and safe video streaming app for Android and iOS.

Why choose 17LIVE:

  • 24/7 stream of live entertainment
  • Great app to talent shows and performances
  • Users can compete in events along with streamers
  • Closed communities can be created for like-minded people
  • Users can interact with streamers through messages, gifts, and shout-outs

Who should use this platform for live streaming:

17LIVE is great for making money with performances, small businesses, and daily entertainment.


Free to use. Gifts for streamers and premium subscriptions are available.

Download 17LIVE:

For iOS

For Android

8. Wowza

Rating: 4.3 (Capterra)


Wowza was created for businesses looking to reach more customers beyond cable. The service is designed for live commerce, live sports, and events. The Wowza GoCoder mobile app is provided for clients for mobile streaming needs. SDK is also available to allow building a live streaming feature into business apps.

Why choose Wowza:

  • Cross-platform API
  • Live streaming at any scale
  • Stream ultra-high-definition 4K from any device
  • End-to-end mobile broadcasting service for businesses
  • Suitable for medical streaming, live monitoring, and auctions

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Businesses, government agencies, healthcare providers, and security firms.


The cheapest plan costs $25/mo and includes a managed live streaming service. An end-to-end streaming server software package costs $175/mo.

Wowza Free Trial: 

Sign up

9. Bigo LIVE

Rating: 3.9 (Google Play Store), 4.1 (App Store)


Want to showcase your talent to millions and get fans? Or maybe you’d like to chat and make friends from abroad? This live streaming app is perfect in both cases. With 400+ million users (mostly Gen Z and Millennials), Bigo is full of live music, chats, gaming, and dances.

Why choose Bigo:

  • 24/7 live streams
  • One of the largest social networks
  • Plenty of live gaming streams
  • Cool stickers, filters, and rewards
  • Millions of dancers, singers, comedians, and influencers

Who should use this app for live streaming:

People who want to make friends and get fans. The gaming community on this mobile live streaming app is also large, so gamers also will find plenty of followers.


Free to use. 

Download Bigo:

For iOS

For Android

10. Live Now

Rating: 4.4 (App Store)

Live Now

This alternative to big players like Twitch is worth the attention of gamer streamers because of several reasons. First, it’s got excellent video quality—iPhone users gave this live streaming app a great 4.4 rating. Second, there are no time limits, so you can record gameplays as long as you want. Also, Live Now supports simultaneous streaming on 30 platforms.

Why choose Live Now:

  • No time limits
  • No watermarks
  • Easy-to-use and clean app
  • Secure, encrypted streaming
  • Top-quality screen recording in full HD

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Gamer streamers and vloggers.


The app is free to use, but some premium features cost extra.

Download Live Now:

For iOS

For Android

11. YouNow

Rating: 4.5 (Google Play Store), 4.5 (App Store)


If you’re a lifestyle blogger, influencer, or artist, YouNow is the best app to go live on. It’s got a modern interface, quality video, easy controls, and plenty of engagement features. If you choose to entertain people in your broadcasts, you can also earn money.

Why choose YouNow:

  • Large, positive community
  • Popular with Millennials and Gen Z
  • Chat with people from across the globe
  • Make money by earning gifts and subscriptions
  • Broadcast streams on both YouNow and social media

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Vloggers, influencers, gamers, and people who want to make friends.


Using the app is free. But you can subscribe to your favorite channels for $4.99. Also, you can buy gifts for streamers—prices start as low as $1.

Download YouNow:

For iOS

For Android

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12. Omlet Arcade

Rating: 4.3 (Google Play Store), 4.6 (App Store)

Omlet Arcade

Omlet Arcade is another great mobile streaming app for gamers. You can broadcast your gaming experience, team up with friends, and play in communities created by streamers. The app supports PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, and other games for a smooth team playing experience.

Why choose Omlet Arcade:

  • Minecraft multiplayer mode
  • In-game text and voice chat
  • Stream your games to Omlet and social media
  • Team streaming feature for collaborative playing
  • In-app currency and donations are available for monetization

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Gamers and influencers.


Free to use. In-app purchases are available for rewarding streamers.

Download Omlet Arcade:

For iOS

For Android

13. Streamlabs

Rating: 3.7 (Google Play Store), 4.1 (App Store)


One of the best free video streaming apps for content creators. Besides the usual fan monetization methods like tips, Streamlabs also allows users to open stores and sell merch inside the app. The service even handles product manufacturing and shipping.

Why choose Streamlabs:

  • Multistreaming available
  • Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Earn money with channel subscriptions and tips
  • Use themes, overlays, and stickers to personalize streams
  • Integrate with other live streaming apps (Trovo, Twitch, TikTok Live)

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Content creators and influencers, but also people looking for engaging, original content.


Free to use. Channel subscription and rewards for streamers are paid.

Download Streamlabs:

For iOS

For Android

14. TikTok Live

Rating: 4.5 (Google Play Store), 4.5 (App Store)

TikTok Live

This live streaming app needs no introduction. It’s one of the top-rated apps with a huge broadcasting community and thousands of live streams happening 24/7 (and a desktop streaming software coming soon). Note, though, that TikTok requires you to be at least 16 years old and have 1,000 or more followers to go live. 

Why choose TikTok Live:

  • Great for building a large audience
  • Thousands of live streams happening 24/7
  • Extremely engaging and popular platform
  • Plenty of monetization features (virtual gifts, tips, etc.)
  • Perfectly geared towards creating marketing content

Who should use this app for live streaming:

TikTok gives content creators a great chance to monetize their talents. On the other hand, people looking for entertainment will discover an endless supply of great streams.


Free to use.

Download TikTok Live:

For iOS

For Android

15 LiveMe Pro 

Rating: 4.2 (Google Play Store), 4.3 (App Store)

LiveMe Pro

This live streaming mobile app was created for entertainment. People join LiveMe to stream interesting moments from their lives, get fans, and receive rewards. So, if you’re looking for some entertainment or a social media influencer career, this one is a good option.

Why choose LiveMe:

  • Easy to register and start streaming
  • Group video chats with up to nine users
  • Voice chat rooms are available for karaoke fans
  • Over 20 million streamers create 200,000 hours of entertainment daily
  • Great for monetization (LiveMe creators made over $1 million in 7 months)

Who should use this app for live streaming:

People who’d like to become streamers, get followers, and earn money. On the other hand, LiveMe is a great option for fans of captivating content.


This live video app is free to use. In-app purchases like gifts for streamers are available.

Download LiveMe:

For iOS

For Android

16. LinkedIn Live

Rating: 4.3 (Google Play Store), 4.3 (App Store)

LinkedIn Live

Besides being a job board, LinkedIn also is a live streaming app. Businesses can broadcast meetings, conferences, workshops, and other professional events and get more exposure. Note that you need to apply for LinkedIn Live to use this feature.

Why choose LinkedIn Live:

  • High video stream quality
  • Safe and secure streaming
  • Known to generate 600,000 views on LinkedIn
  • Useful to generate engagement with professional audiences
  • Get help with getting viewers thanks to LinkedIn in-app notifications

Who should use this video streaming app:

Businesses, freelancers, organizations, educational establishments, and nonprofits.


Free to use.

Download LinkedIn Live:

For iOS

For Android

17. Nimo TV

Rating: 4.0 (Google Play Store), 4.5 (App Store)

Nimo TV

Nimo TV is a dedicated mobile streaming app for gamers. You can broadcast and watch streams from talented gamers and get involved in conversations with them. Also, Nimo hosts broadcasts of popular global and local esports tournaments—another huge reason to join.

Why choose Nimo TV:

  • Play and broadcast your games
  • Get access to over 1,000 live games
  • Share streams on popular social media
  • Monetize your talent in gaming and get followers
  • Meet like-minded gamers from around the world

Who should use this best live stream app:

Gamers and game streamers.


Free to use. In-app purchases like rewards for streamers are available.

Download Nimo TV:

For iOS

For Android

18. YouTube Live

Rating: 4.3 (Google Play Store), 4.7 (App Store)

YouTube Live

Whether you’re hosting a gaming experience, a professional conference, a live charity event, or an interview with a president—YouTube is the best app to go live on. You can get lots of viewers and exposure thanks to the platform’s huge popularity. 

Here’s how to create a live stream on YouTube for mobile. Note you’ll have to verify your channels and have at least 50 subscribers to be able to stream.

Why choose YouTube Live:

  • Effective chat moderation tools
  • Real-time interaction with viewers
  • Suitable for any kind of live events
  • Second biggest search engine in the world
  • Many ways to monetize streams: ads, memberships, stickers, etc.

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Everyone who’s looking for an easy way to stream.


YouTube live streaming is free to use.

Download YouTube Live:

For iOS

For Android

19. Facebook Live

Rating: 3.3 (Google Play Store), 2.2 (App Store)

Facebook Live

Facebook is an easy way to stream live videos. As a user of the platform, you just need to click Live when creating a post to start a broadcast. Thanks to its immense popularity, Facebook can be a great mobile streaming app for everybody.

Why choose Facebook Live:

  • Real-time interaction with viewers
  • Useful viewer analytics and statistics
  • Broadcast videos directly to groups
  • Simple way to share an event with friends
  • Perfectly optimized for mobile broadcasting and viewing

Who should use this live streaming app:

Anyone who’d like to broadcast an event on social media.


Free to use.

Download Facebook:

For iOS

For Android

20. Instagram Live

Rating: 4.1 (Google Play Store), 4.7 (App Store)

Instagram Live

Another super easy way to stream live videos. Just like with Facebook, tap “Live” when creating a new post—and you’re ready to go. Instagram Live is great for both personal and individual use, which makes it one of the ​​top live streaming apps.

Why choose Instagram Live:

  • Fast way to go live
  • Live streams are saved for later
  • Create private video chats with Rooms
  • You can attract more followers and increase their engagement
  • Viewers can comment, react, and ask questions during streams

Who should use this phone streaming app:

Vloggers, artists, influencers, and anyone who’d like to connect with friends live.


This streaming app is 100% free to use.

Download Instagram:

For iOS

For Android

21. Pococha Live

Rating: 4.2 (Google Play Store), 4.4 (App Store)

Pococha Live

Pococha is one of Japan’s top live streaming apps, which recently became available in the U.S. So far, streamers and users love its engaged, high-spirited and positive community, which also makes Pococha a great option for both business and private use.

Why choose Pococha Live:

  • Detailed user reports for content creators
  • Family Chat Rooms for private meetings
  • Meet friends and chat with them in real time
  • Regular events and contests for user engagement
  • Earn diamonds that can be converted to in-app purchases or cash

Who should use this app for live streaming:

Musicians, vloggers, performers, and people looking for a streaming app to meet new people.


Free to use. In-app purchases like rewards for streamers are available.

Download Pococha Live:

For iOS

For Android


There you go, 21 best live streaming apps that are poised to be super popular in 2022. So, if you’re looking for a mobile streaming app, whether for business or personal use, surely some of these should be great for you.

If you need help—

Here are our recommendations:

Top apps to go live for gamers: Twitch, Trovo, Nimo TV, Omlet Arcade.

The best free live stream apps: Instagram Live, TikTok Live, and Facebook Live.

The best mobile streaming apps for businesses: LinkedIn Live, Wowza, YouTube Live.

The best video streaming apps for making friends: 17Live, Pococha Live, LiveMe, Uplive, Bigo.

The best live streaming apps for content creators: Instagram Live, Twitch, TikTok Live, YouTube Live.

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