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Outsourcing Mobile App Development to India. Yay or Nay?

In the realm of business, specific processes are often delegated to external service providers for various compelling reasons. This practice, known as outsourcing, allows companies to focus on their core competencies by entrusting non-essential tasks to specialized professionals outside their organization.

The decision to outsource brings numerous advantages, such as streamlined timelines and cost savings, making it an appealing choice for many businesses. The only thing left is to decide on the vendor and its location. Here, the question arises: is “outsource mobile app development” & “India” a good combination? The answer to this query may seem elusive, as it hinges on many factors. Dive into the significant benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing app development to India to shed light on this matter.

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Outsourcing app development to India: Yay 

benefits of outsourcing in india

Low Rates for App Development

One of the primary reasons why businesses outsource app development to offshore countries is low rates. As one of the most popular outsourcing countries, India offers the lowest rates for development services. Just imagine the average cost of web application development is $10,000 – $50,000 for local vendors, and the price for individual freelance developers ranges from $1,000 to $10,000. Meantime, developers in the US take at least $40,000 for an app with simple logic and up to $300,000 for complex. This way, India can provide high ROI by default, and businesses prefer to choose it.

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Large Pool of Skill Sets

Though the US, Singapore, UAE, and South Korea are the global centers of the IT universe, India has become the world’s fastest-growing market for app development services. In 2017 India exceeded the US in the number of software developers. India is predicted to have 5.2 million software developers in 2023, according to the latest Global Developers Population and Demographic Study by Evans Data. Of course, they all have their background and expertise in specific technologies. It’s heaven for business leaders since the last ones can choose from top local talents and involve them for reasonable wages.

Saved Time and Efforts

As a rule, different software projects need different skill sets. Thus the need for app developers varies as technology changes. So hiring a new team for a particular project would be hilarious since they won’t have anything to do once the project is completed. 

Outsource mobile app development: India, Ukraine, or Poland – the choice is yours. This way, you’ll get a million-to-one chance to get a robust mobile app and save time for more critical tasks. 

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Unmatched Development Flexibility

Businesses often provide a vast array of services to their clients. However, carrying out all additional services in-house requires a considerable investment of time and money. Besides, there is also the risk that your business requirements may be changed, and the app development project may be scaled up or down. 

Thanks to outsourcing to Indian offshore companies, you can adjust the project while developing it. Most local app development companies offer a wide range of services, including design, Android and iOS app development, Web app development, etc. 

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Nay for outsourcing app development to India

Indefinite Proof

A company cannot guarantee post-release support for your project since it may go out of business. Try to collect as much information about your outsourcing company as possible to ensure it’s reliable. Look through app development platforms like Clutch or AppFutura.

Cultural Differences

While outsourcing to offshore countries, you may face some cultural differences. When working with Indian developers, language barriers may burden communication and mutual understanding. Both parties may have different perspectives on how the work should be done or what functions the app should have. Thus, you can get what you haven’t asked for. 

Hard to Control

It’s hard to track and control the development process because of different time zones and the huge distance between you and your vendor. To streamline a development process, you’ll need to hire a Project Manager to control the project. As a result, it increases the costs required to build a mobile app.

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When outsourcing to India, you should be aware of piracy. Piracy is widespread when it comes to mobile app development. Developers can copy the code written by other engineers. For you, it’s a potential challenge that might cost you a reputation and millions of dollars of compensation.

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4 “For” and 4 “Against” – when you weigh them all, you can make a well-thought decision. To minimize the risks associated with outsourcing to India, ensure you do the research well and involve a reliable pro capable of controlling the development process. Looking for an offshore outsourcing partner is incredibly challenging when you can’t visit their office or talk face-to-face.

Before you opt for outsourcing app development to India, consider the goals and objectives of your software development project. If you have no idea what app your business needs, contact us, and we’ll help you find out how to boost your business with custom software.

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