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Software Developers: Who They Are & What They Do [Client’s Guide]


Who is a software developer?

What does a software developer do?

In this post, we’re answering these questions and giving you an overview of the different types of software developers out there.

Table of contents:

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What is a Software Developer?

Software developers—also known as coders, programmers, and software engineers—design, develop, and test computer applications. They have the technical skills and experience needed to build software for both private and business uses.

The nature of a software developer’s work is focused on creating digital solutions for clients. This process involves working with clients to understand their needs, building specific software functions, testing them, and modifying them as required.

Key Software Developer Roles and Responsibilities

So, what does a software developer do, exactly?

Although their roles and responsibilities vary from company to company, we can pick a few major areas where software developers play a crucial role.

So, a software developer:

  • Works with clients. Software developers meet with clients to define their goals and translate them into software requirements
  • Writes an original code. This means creating clean, efficient software code for a product that meets the client’s goals and specifications
  • Supports the product during testing. This duty includes eliminating errors, bugs, and other problems that might be discovered during software testing
  • Compiles and evaluates user feedback. Developers work with testers and UX researchers to find and recommend product improvements
  • Provides support with updates and fixes as needed. After the release, developers might also work on product updates to make it more competitive and fix performance issues as they occur.

The role of a software developer also varies according to their expertise. For example, an app developer builds mobile apps while a web developer works on websites.

Let’s go over the most common types of software developers.

Types of Software Developers at IDAP

Want to take advantage of outsourcing to reduce project costs? Then you need to know what type of software developers you need to complete your project.

Below, find the types of software developers who work at IDAP Group, a software development company. You’ll learn who builds mobile apps, business applications, websites, and other digital products.

Mobile app developers

A mobile app developer is a software engineer responsible for creating, deploying, and maintaining apps for mobile devices. Many app developers create apps for a particular operating system (Android or iOS).

So, businesses need mobile developers to develop an app for Android or iOS. The main roles and responsibilities of app developers in these projects include:

  • Documenting the requirements and needs of clients
  • Developing clickable prototypes of apps to help finalize the design
  • Writing code to create the app within a predetermined timeline
  • Testing the app before the release
  • Fixing issues and bugs found during testing
  • Writing documents representing the app’s code for maintenance

Bottom line: if you need to make a mobile app for your business, mobile app developers are the professionals to hire.

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Web developers

A web developer is responsible for creating a code that websites and web applications use to operate. Most web developers work exclusively on producing front-end and back-end code to ensure the highest quality of technical aspects such as speed.

Essential responsibilities of web developers:

  • Gather and structure requirements and needs of clients
  • Write clean and efficient code by using various programming languages
  • Create interfaces for websites and web applications using HTML/CSS practices
  • Help other team members create product structure, content, and visuals
  • Eliminate performance issues by making code fixes
  • Maintain the highest performance of products after release

So, your project needs web developers if you’d like to build a website or a web application (examples include Netflix, Slack, Pinterest, and Google apps).

CRM developers

A CRM developer is a programmer who creates CRMs (systems that collect, store, and process user and customer data). Since off-the-shelf products don’t meet many requirements of businesses, they hire developers to create custom CRM systems that provide better analytics and more efficient processes.

Responsibilities of CRM developers:

  • Meeting with clients to document their needs and requirements
  • Helping other project stakeholders define CRM functions and workflows
  • Creating a high-quality software code for the future CRM
  • Migrate other company applications to the new CRM
  • Develop custom functionality like real-time dashboards and workflows
  • Ensuring that the CRM will work with other apps by building integrations
  • Support and maintain the CRM’s code after the release

So, you need CRM developers to develop custom CRM software to improve the efficiency of your company’s operations. 

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Why Consider Hiring IDAP’s Programmers for Your Software Project

We listed the types of software developers who work at IDAP…

Should you hire them to build software for your business?

Well, they have: 


Let me share a few extra reasons why you should consider us.


Have you noticed that each type of software developer has almost the same first responsibility?

It’s working with clients.

That’s why our hiring process ensures that our software development teams have the ability to understand the problems, needs, and goals of clients. This is a crucial quality that helps them see a business goal or a challenge from your point of view.

Besides, empathy has many benefits that speed up work. In fact, this quality improves speed-to-market and reduces project development costs—proven by research.

Empathetic developers:

  • Improve collaboration with clients and other project stakeholders
  • Try to eliminate more errors before passing their work to code testers
  • Gather more requirements from clients to better understand their needs

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Our programmers have many years of experience…

No, we can do better. Let me start again—

Our programmers:

  • Created top-quality software for 200+ businesses
  • Have knowledge and expertise to be business analysts
  • Learn new skills and knowledge to constantly expand their skill sets

That’s better. 

But the best way to prove our experience is to cite the testimonials of our clients, really. So here’s my suggestion: visit our profile to learn what our clients think about working on complex projects with our software developers once you’re done reading this.


Throughout projects, our software developers collaborate within their own team in addition to many other stakeholders. For them, sharing skills and solving problems together is the best way to move the project forward.

We also have a set of principles guiding collaboration in IDAP:

  • Even workload distribution
  • Transparency in everything
  • Communication is always ongoing
  • Work and feedback should be shared

For clients, these principles mean regular meetings and communication with developers to ensure a constant flow of ideas.

Another great example of collaboration happens when software developers share their code with QA engineers early to speed up the testing process. This practice leads to increased efficiency and a faster time-to-market.


This might sound like a truism but I’m gonna say it—

Communication is key to successful software development projects. 

We value communication above all else because it sets clear expectations and eliminates misunderstandings, helping to speed up performance and efficiency. 

That’s why IDAP has clear communication guidelines for software projects. Besides, our software developers receive training on communication to know how to stay on top of things and share knowledge with others.

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Software developers create digital applications and websites. 

They are the people doing detailed computer coding to allow businesses to take advantage of the benefits of digital products like mobile apps and websites.

I hope the information we compiled was useful to you to learn who are software developers and what they do.

In case we can also be useful to your software development project idea, let us know.

Also, check out our offer for businesses.

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