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In the last decade, the number of software development companies has reached an insane number. As for now, only the North American region locates more than 500,000 IT companies, not to mention the European part of the market. Last year, about 40k tech startups were introduced to the world, and the industry doesn’t seem to calm down any time soon. That’s why the issue of finding a good software development team became as crucial as never before. This post breaks down the list of platforms useful for both custom software development companies and its clients to find the best business deals and reliable long-term partners. 


Clutch is a digital platform that stores data-driven content about the outsourcing software development companies and allows clients to leave detailed reviews of their experiences with providers found there. Clutch helps both sides of the software development deal to make the introductory stage of their collaboration more organized and less risky. Currently, the platform reports having 42,000 registered agencies and 36,000 client reviews.


AppFutura is a platform to link up potential clients and development teams specializing in custom software, mobile applications, and digital marketing. The platform abides by a unique methodology of provider selection, which lies in a thorough analysis of a company’s performance, reliability, client reviews, and activity. These factors combined together compile a quite accurate matching system. As for the numbers, AppFutura has more than 8,000 companies listed and attracts about 40k potential customers monthly. 


Behance is a platform for showcasing designer portfolios thus promote their skills and talent to the public. Although the major part of accounts there dedicated to web design, pieces of fashion, illustration, and photography can be found as well. Behance is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, so not only it is a credible, well-established platform, there’s also a diversified designer community gathered around it. 


Oldie but a goodie! People spend hours on social media daily, why not to take advantage? If a network is not specifically tailored for professional purposes, this does not mean it cannot be effective. After all, Facebook reports almost 1.62 billion daily active users, which sounds enough to get a profile for your business there. 


A classic one, which has started the whole career-related social network boom. Launched way back in 2003, LinkedIn remains the biggest professional network with 645+ million active users from 200 countries worldwide. Considering this website is the first choice for many entrepreneurs when there’s a need to search for new business connections, a LinkedIn account is a must for literally any tech company out there. 


Techreviewer is an analytics platform that compiles lists of best software development providers after analyzing their professional performance. It has a handy navigation system with the most simplified access to the different technical domains and corresponding companies with outstanding efficiency. We are very proud to get the lucky 7th spot on the Techreviewer’s Top 30 Web Development Companies in 2019


AllAboutApps is a free listing platform for web and mobile software development companies looking for new contracts. It lists software providers in accordance with their specifications and helps both startups and well-established companies to generate traffic and draw attention to their service. 

As an independent software development company, we went through a lot of challenges raising IDAP’s brand awareness, one of them being a lack of digital presence, even after we launched our official website. We’re glad to share our experience promoting our brand to the public with the use of effective third-party platforms for software development companies. We hope the list has somehow explained to you why there are so many such websites and why we actually need them all. If anything, you know where to find us!

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