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IDAP – Adapting to the Wartime Conditions

On the 24th of February, 2022, war began in Ukraine – and it changed everything. As unexpected and sudden as it was, everybody had to timely adapt to the situation. To be more exact – first survive, then adapt. Guys at IDAP weren’t an exception. Thankfully, we had the strength and resources to face the wartime in “full arms”. And right now, we continue to live and work in these, no doubt, challenging conditions.

How IDAP has Adapted

The war makes it difficult for everybody, rendering the usual way of life impossible for thousands of Ukrainians out there, yet we strive and continue to work against all odds. And while the global IT landscape definitely shifts and turns to our favor, we are fast to grab on to opportunities and once again demonstrate the whole world how reliable, seasoned, and persevering the Ukrainian IT sector is. 

IDAP is among the eager IT providers to rapidly adapt to the situation and we just wanted to say that we aren’t going anywhere – projects are worked on, our guys are doing what they do in safe conditions, and no significant downtime occurrences take place as we are online and in tune all the time. 

Yes, some major changes had to be adopted infrastructure-wise and our staff has become somewhat segmented, but that was just another workplace issue to optimize in our dynamic line of work. To sum up, here’s what different in our agency right now:

  • “Remote, remote is everywhere” – due to the displacement and forced evacuation, we have introduced remote workflows and collaboration conditions across all departments, management aspects, and service provision procedures;
  • Distributed staff – we have managed to help 90% of our employees rapidly adapt to new working conditions and continue full-on performance, either from abroad, Western Ukraine, or other safe places;
  • Some Ukraine-based projects stalled – among the sad news is the pause or loss of a bunch of Ukrainian projects as some people here were affected by the war more than others.

What hasn’t changed a bit, though, is our pace of performance – we are here, willing and ready to take on new projects. We continue successfully finishing up and delivering pre-war projects. We are certainly not looking to slow down any time soon. 

So stay in tune and feel free to contact us if you need to discuss a task or idea.

Yours, Guys at IDAP

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