How to Find and Hire an App Development Company

One thought on “How to Find and Hire an App Development Company

  1. Great article!
    Well, here a non-exhaustive pros list of hiring Ukrainian company:
    * due to recent Ukrainian currency devaluation, labour in Ukraine is really cheap, lagging economy reforms shows that low rates will stay for pretty long time period
    * competency level is well beyond Indian or Chinese/Asia – average. For the most cases it is better than in Eastern Europe, e.g. Estonia, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic. To name a few companies which are successfully outsourced its IT operations to Ukraine: Barclays, Moody’s, Canadian Tire, Chevon, UBS, Travis Perkins, Samsung, etc. – they must know something…
    * you get the best mix of price-service, Ukraine has over 100k f extremely qualified IT specialists, and expected to double its headcount in 5 years
    * Ukrainians are the best in outsourcing, this practice starts back in the USSR, when all military brain-based products development were outsourced to Ukraine
    * although political instability risks are high, I would rather compare Ukraine with Israel where on-going war is still in the process. The Israelis are better at new product launching but costs are way higher than Ukrainian specialists, who specialize at outsourcing.

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