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10 Best Clothing Apps to Get the Best Fashion [2024]

Looking for the best clothing apps to update your wardrobe?

Or maybe sell a few items?

If yes, then we have a great list for you.

Below, you’ll find ten top-rated clothing apps to help you hunt for the best fashion for unbeatable prices. They have discounted branded items, streetwear, shoes, bags, or any other fashion item you might need. We also included advice from previous customers to make the best choice.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 best clothing apps for fashion hunters.

How we picked these clothing apps
We downloaded and reviewed all the shopping apps for clothes included in this post to give you the best tips.

Best clothing apps

  1. Temu – 100+ million – China
  2. Myntra – 70+ million – India
  3. Poshmark – 60+ million – The US
  4. SHEIN – 70+ million – Various locations worldwide
  5. Amazon Fashion – 300+ million – Various locations worldwide
  6. ThreadUP – 2+ million – The US
  7. Rent the Runway – 0.5 million – The US
  8. OfferUp – 50+ million – The US
  9. ASOS – 25+ million – China
  10. Depop – 35+ million – Several locations worldwide

1. Temu


Our experience with Temu

The Temu app makes shopping a breeze with a wide range of products at ridiculously good prices. It’s super easy to use, whether you’re after the latest trends or tech gadgets. The search function is spot-on for speedy browsing, and you’ll love the detailed product info and user reviews that help you choose wisely. Delivery times may vary, but Temu always delivers a smooth shopping experience.


What we thought about this cheap app for buying clothes:

  • The shopping experience is very easy
  • A lot of regular sales and limited-time offers
  • Almost unbeatable prices
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Secure pricing options


Google Play | App Store

More collections of apps:

2. Myntra


Our experience with Myntra

Myntra’s fashion app offers a tailored experience with a variety of stylish clothing options to fit different tastes. The user interface is user-friendly, allowing for easy browsing and purchasing. Pros include easy navigation, discounts, and a wide range of brands. The app also provides personalized suggestions for improved shopping. Downsides may include discrepancies in product sizes/colors compared to images and potential return difficulties. 

Note: As of the time of this writing, Myntra was available only in India.


What we thought about this clothing app:

  • Super easy navigation
  • Thousands of daily deals
  • Easy to contact customer support
  • Generous offers for new users (25% off for orders above $10!) and 15% off for orders above $50)

Download Myntra

For Android | For iOS

3. Poshmark


Our experience with Poshmark

Poshmark is a popular clothing app where you can buy new and secondhand items for men, women, and kids. There’s also a great selection of home products. If you’re a seller, you can use this clothes app for a side hustle and earn money by listing your products (it’s free). Buyers will also find pretty much anything when it comes to clothing.


What we thought about this clothing app:

  • Plenty of item categories to choose from (over 10,000 brands represented)
  • If you bought an item, the seller has 7 days to ship your order, which is a bit too long
  • Fees are higher for sellers compared to other apps for clothes
  • Always check buyer/seller reviews and their average time to ship orders to avoid waiting
  • Carefully check branded items when browsing the site because clothing is sometimes mistagged

Get Poshmark

Google Play | App Store



Our experience with SHEIN

In SHEIN, you can buy almost everything, from women’s and kid’s clothing to wigs and kitchen tools. Also, expect to find regular sales and discounts (reviews confirm it’s a great cheap clothes app). 

And here’s a catch: you can get points for daily sign-ins, writing reviews, and adding photos—users say they were able to accumulate up to $20 just for being active in the app.


What we thought about this clothing shopping app:

  • Quality of clothes is usually great
  • Returns for US customers are free
  • Generous with coupons, discounts, and sales
  • Customer support is helpful and response times are short
  • Be sure to read reviews and see photo reviews before buying


For Android | For iOS

5. Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion

Our experience with Amazon Fashion

Amazon is obviously a huge name in online retail, and its fashion department has plenty of interesting things to offer. You can find what is easily the largest selection of clothing for men, women, and children, so it’s worth a try. Most shoppers are satisfied with the quality, although many recommend buying only the highest-reviewed items.

What we thought about this clothing app:

  • Consider ordering items with high reviews only to get the best quality
  • You can find any clothing item you can possibly want
  • Returns are problematic sometimes, according to users
  • Searching for clothes is easy thanks to numerous filters and categories 
  • Read reviews carefully before choosing an item

Get Amazon app

For Android | For iOS

6. ThredUP


Our experience with ThredUP

ThredUp, a groundbreaking fashion app, modernizes thrift shopping. Offering quality second-hand clothing from known brands at great prices, it’s a top choice for eco-conscious fashionistas. 

While the user-friendly interface simplifies browsing and buying, variability in sizing and item condition may not always meet expectations. Return policies and shipping costs could deter some users, yet ThredUp remains a prime pick for sustainable fashion lovers seeking diversity and affordability.

What we thought about this clothes shopping app:

  • App is easy to use and the variety is great
  • Sending clothes to ThredUP is easy, fast, and free
  • Plenty of sales and discounts (Orders over $79 get free shipping)
  • Do your best to inspect clothes via photos and descriptions to get the best quality
  • Indicate the real names of items you send to ThreUP to avoid having an inspecting person not recognize their real value

Download ThredUP for Android/iOS

Google Play | App Store

7. Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway

Our experience with Rent the Runway

The shopping process on the app is remarkably smooth, with an intuitive interface that makes browsing, selecting, and renting clothing straightforward and enjoyable. Impressively, this clothing app offers a wide range of sizes, styles, and designers, ensuring there’s something for every taste and occasion. 

What we thought about this clothes app:

  • Extensive Selection: From designer dresses to business casual attire, the variety is exceptional.
  • Convenience: The rental process, including return shipping, is hassle-free, making high-fashion more accessible without the need for permanent investment.
  • Availability Issues: Popular items and sizes can be hard to snag, especially during peak seasons.
  • Wear and Tear: Occasionally, items may show signs of wear, though customer service is typically responsive to any concerns

Download Rent The Runway for iOS

App Store

8. OfferUp


Our experience with OfferUp

OfferUp is a large marketplace where you can also shop clothes online. This app was designed for local deals, so you can look for nearby buyers and sellers very easily thanks to a great search option. The selection of clothes is a bit smaller compared to fashion shopping apps, but you can still find plenty of interesting options.

What we thought about this best clothing app:

  • App gives new product listings daily, so plenty of choices
  • Always read reviews of buyers before making a purchase
  • As a seller, you can have your clothing picked up and shipped
  • Chat option is very useful to get more details about items before buying
  • Very easy to find buyers thanks to a huge user base (the app has over 50 million downloads)

Download OfferUp

Google Play | App Store



Our experience with ASOS

ASOS is one of the best clothing apps because of daily deals, plenty of branded items, super easy search, and good customer service. You can shop for clothing, shoes, accessories, and other fashion items easily thanks to product categories and filters inside the app. If you’re looking for a cheap designer clothes app, this might be the one, as customers report finding many branded items, too.


What we thought about this clothing shopping app:

  • Amazing range of fashion products for men and women
  • Delivery is generally fast and product quality is good
  • You can get notifications about sales and re-stocks
  • Shopping cart holds items for one hour only (so make sure to bookmark if not ready to buy)
  • Some shoppers experience problems reaching out to customer support but most say service is great

Download ASOS for your Android or iOS

Google Play | App Store

10. Depop


Our experience with Depop

Depop is for those who appreciate unique, vintage, and custom-made items. This best shopping app offers a user-friendly platform for shopping and discovering hidden gems. Sellers share item stories, enriching the shopping experience. Depop caters to various shoppers, from fashion lovers seeking one-of-a-kind pieces to eco-conscious consumers looking for sustainable options.


What we thought about this clothing app:

  • Great selection of branded clothing and boots
  • Good bonus system for regular customers
  • Pictures of shoes are superior compared to other clothing apps
  • Prices are rarely cheaper compared to online stores but shipping and returns (including return shipping) are free

Get Depop for your Android or iOS device:

Google Play | App Store


We hope you found this list of the best clothing apps useful to find new styles for good prices. These apps have the best user reviews, so they will certainly be helpful to find stylish fashion products for the entire family.

If you’re someone considering a clothing app as an idea for your future business, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re a team of app development professionals with over 200 projects under our belt, ready to help you make this business idea a reality.

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