What is Flutter for Business Leaders and Tech Specialists in 2023?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Flutter! A created a buzz around with the opportunities it opens for businesses and engineers. Google launched it in 2017 to simplify the creation of highly-performant multi-platform apps. 

Despite Flutter’s comparatively long availability in the market, it only speaks to some business leaders and developers. But here, you can change it and dive into the peculiarities of this solution. Read on to discover more about Flutter development and explore whether it is worth continuing your digital transformation with it.

Framework? Language? SDK

Flutter is an open-source software development kit for mobile apps that makes creating quality multi-platform applications accessible for everyone. It allows building cross-platform applications with a user-friendly design that delivers smooth digital experiences. 

Flutter app development became a solution for many well-known brands, such as Philips, eBay, BMW, Toyota, etc. The case is it’s oriented on a fast development process which significantly cuts a timeline and speeds up time-to-market. Google tried hard to provide various libraries, tools, and an extensive knowledge base to support a rapid application development process. 

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What is Flutter used for? The real value of SDK

The ability to write multi-platform applications at a sky-high speed makes Flutter a versatile tool suitable for various industries, from automotive to media. Companies build apps or modernize existing solutions with Flutter to:

  • make the development process flexible
  • deliver a smooth UI
  • cover all platforms of their choice with one toolset
  • benefit from native-like performance

“Google invests in Flutter, which makes the framework one of the safest now. We’re sure that it will exist tomorrow, in 3 or 4 years, which means that the effort we perform now will lead to long live results.” 

Bogdan Kikacheishvili
Engineering Team Lead, IDAP Group

If you’re looking for a way to develop software solutions with Flutter – let us know. The IDAP team will help you to satisfy your business needs on a tight schedule. 

Top benefits that can convince you to choose Flutter

Flutter allows businesses to keep up with the times, considering the growing demand for adaptability and fast creation of efficient applications audiences will like. For developers, it provides a friendly environment, a clear codebase, and various tools that eliminate routine processes and helps focus on business logic.

The kit seems special because of several unique features it delivers to developers, such as:

  • “Hot reload” or the ability to change an application without its restarting
  • Multi-platform nature, helping to create native-like apps for Mobile, Web, Desktop
  • Support for custom embedders allowing you to make Flutter work on the platforms of your choice
  • Flexible UI built based on Google Material Design guidelines and Cupertino (iOS-style) widgets
  • Broad widget library helping create complex and fully customizable widgets
  • Open-source that allows developing highly-performant apps for free
Top benefits that can convince you to choose Flutter

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What is a starting point to master Flutter?

Which language is used in Flutter framework? If its official website is a source of truth, it’s Dart. Dart is a language that was created as an alternative to JS and is precisely oriented on fast app development. It’s like an intelligent system that offers you a suitable language for your development, considering its technical envelope. This approach considers the strengths and capabilities of languages.

What is a starting point to master Flutter?

Once, the FlutterDev community suggested taking part in its survey on Reddit. Over 150 developers shared their experience on:

  • what programming languages helped them master Flutter
  • low long the learning curve was
  • what learning resources they used to start building with Flutter

Over 85% of respondents admitted that it took up to 2 months to learn Flutter from A to Z and start working with this SDK at full capacity. This learning curve is impressive since Flutter is clear enough to cut training time and focus on development. 

Flutter from A to Z

“In my case, it took one day to master Dart and 1.5 weeks to dive into the Flutter documentation. When considering junior-level specialists – it takes about 1.5 months to start coding with Flutter accurately. If we’re talking about newcomers in software development, the mastering will take from 3 to 8 months as a learning of any other similar technology. The learning curve depends on the experience.” 

Bogdan Kikacheishvili
Engineering Team Lead, IDAP Group

Curious that among the three top languages that helped them to master Flutter and perform Flutter app development further were Java (49,6%), JavaScript (35,4%), and C# (13%). Meantime, Dart knowledge supported only 7,4% of developers in this journey. The most efficient sources for learning are Youtube and Udemy videos, as well as StackOverflow.



Flutter development is only on the way to gaining true popularity. Meanwhile, lots of world-famous brands are already choosing it as a way to achieve strategic goals faster. If you also want to build multi-platform and highly-performant products with Flutter – drop us a line. Involve the IDAP team to apply expertise and deep knowledge of this SDK to speed up time-to-market.

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