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App Development for Apple Vision Pro: Use Cases & Opportunities

The virtual reality headset market is crowded.

Yet, when Apple announced the arrival date of its Vision Pro glasses, the interest exploded. Not only from folks like you and me, but from companies, too.

This time, Apple also managed to do something special: a mixed (augmented + virtual) reality headset, with the displays capable of delivering over 4K resolution to each and for a total 23 million pixels. 

While most of us are still yet to get our hands on the new headset, one thing is clear—

The device represents a lot of opportunities not just for private users, but businesses, too.

In this post, we’ll talk about creating apps for Vision Pro, and about what a great business idea it is. If you’re hesitating or want to know more, keep on reading.

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What’s Apple Vision Pro?

Apple’s Vision Pro is a “spatial computer” that mixes the digital word with the real one. When you wear it, you can see the projection like a virtual screen in your living room or feel like you’re standing on mount Everest. Apple Vision Pro uses fancy tech to mix (including VisionOS, the new operating system) the real and virtual worlds smoothly. 

Vision Pro has super clear displays and smart sensors that follow how you move, making the virtual world feel real—regular screens can’t give you this sense. You can control it with your head, eyes, hands, and voice, all working together smoothly. 

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Why Developing Apps for Apple Pro Vision is a Good Business Idea

The answer lies in two aspects: Apple’s support and the wide range of exciting uses. 

The first—

Apple’s endorsement and support.

Having the support for Apple Vision Pro opens unprecedented doors for startups. It taps into Apple’s reputation for quality, attracting investors and thousands of savvy customers. Vision Pro isn’t just a product; it’s a symbol of potential.

And the second—

A wide range of use cases.

Vision Pro serves as a gateway to innovative applications in various fields like education, healthcare, manufacturing, and entertainment. This isn’t just about embracing new tech; it’s about businesses leading the charge in technological change, shaping the future.

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App Development for Apple Vision Pro: Use Cases for Startups and Enterprises

Commercial car prototyping

Many car manufacturers are already eyeing mixed reality headsets as a way to innovate, improve efficiency, and save costs.

Here’s an example:

Volvo has invested an undisclosed amount of money into Varjo, a competitor of Apple Vision Pro, aiming to use the headset to replace physical prototypes of cars with virtual versions.

Zdnet quoted the CEO of Varjo, Jussi Mäkinen, as saying:

 “This can substantially reduce the amount by which they need to make scale mock-ups if they can walk around and see the car from all angles.” 

In fact, Mäkinen’s company has already conducted many tests. In one, they tried to recreate a prototype of a car, so engineers can get a good look at the mock-up without having to actually invest into creating one. In another,  a car driver wearing a mixed reality headset was driving a real car while the virtual heads-up display was rendered on top of the car’s dash:

Image credit: volvo

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Training apps for healthcare professionals

One major way to use Apple Vision Pro in healthcare involves creating an augmented reality (AR) medical training simulator. 

For example, students at medical universities can use the Vision Pro headset to simulate various medical procedures, surgeries, and techniques. Detailed visual overlays guide users through each step, providing a secure and immersive training experience.

The 3D camera is one of the most important features of Vision Pro for healthcare purchases. It enables users to capture spatial photos and videos—consider 3D documentation of medical interventions or capturing crucial steps. This is valuable for training new residents to reenact treatments in 3D, offering a wearer’s perspective. Additionally, it could be utilized for investigating instances of malpractice.

Credit: Modern Healthcare

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Meditation apps

Vision Pro elevates the blend of technology and meditation. While typical VR headsets can create immersive environments for meditation, the Apple Vision Pro goes a step further. 

The device merges the real and virtual worlds, tracking your focus with eye-tracking and spatial audio. Picture meditating in a tranquil forest or on a serene beach, right from your living room, guided and enhanced by these advanced technologies.

Credit: Apple

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Real estate and design

The Vision Pro is a game-changer for architects and engineers, allowing them to interact with 3D models of buildings in real time. This transforms the design and planning phases, leading to more efficient and imaginative outcomes. 

Here are some examples of how Vision Pro can help in real estate:

  • Easier pre-construction planning. Buyers gain an early preview of the final project, navigating through unfinished projects, while contractors proactively address structural problems, reducing construction time and enhancing practical understanding in design and planning stages. This positively impacts consultants’ sales performance.
  • Advanced visualization: An architect can use the Vision Pro to navigate a virtual representation of a building project, making real-time adjustments to interior layouts, lighting, and materials. Users can instantly modify elements like color, texture, material, and furniture, meeting expectations quickly and positively influencing performance.
  • Enhanced virtual reality tours. Virtual reality tours are widely used in real estate, but Apple Vision Pro stands out by maximizing the user experience with a more realistic, advanced, and complex system.
Source: NAI Ohio Equities

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Retail and ecommerce

Here’s how Apple Vision Pro could transform ecommerce and retail sectors:

  • Virtual try-ons. Vision Pro enables the creation of virtual showrooms, allowing customers to interact with products from various brands, offering a virtual store tour from the comfort of home. Users can utilize Apple Vision Pro to virtually try on clothes, jewelry, and other items.
  • Enhanced product visualization. Apple Vision Pro allows virtual placement of products in real-world settings, helping customers visualize how items will look in their homes or offices before making a purchase.
  • Immersive product demonstrations. Vision Pro’s rendering of lifelike 3D models enhances product demonstrations, enabling interactive exploration of features and functions through augmented reality. This immersive approach provides users with a 360-degree view of products in virtual walkthroughs, offering an enriched product showcase.
Image credit: Apple

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Apps for Apple Vision Pro: Cost

In the last decade, IDAP Group created 200+ apps for businesses, discovering key factors influencing costs: technology, functionality, labor, and more. 

Let’s break down the cost of an app for Apple Vision Pro based on complexities, factoring in project management, code development, UX design, and Quality Assurance:

Apps for Apple Vision Pro: Cost

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I hope this article gave you an idea of how good of an opportunity developing apps for Vision Pro really is. Many business owners are considering this as you’re reading this, and for a good reason—the device could really have an impact comparable to that of the first iPod. 

Even though creating an app might seem tricky, it becomes much easier when you choose a professional software partner. If you’re interested in developing a custom app for mixed reality headsets like Vision Pro, get in touch with us or check out some of our projects: Our portfolio.

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