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10+ Best Car Rental Apps for iOS and Android [2022]

Road trips.


Weekend getaways.

With prices for ride-hailing services skyrocketing and public transport options unsafe due to the pandemic, people turn to car rental apps for these needs.

But… Car rental can be quite a pain in the rear. 

We don’t want you to cancel your plans, so we picked the 11 best car rental apps with the highest ratings from Android and iOS users.

In this post:

  • Top apps to rent cars
  • Review summaries about apps and rental experiences

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The Best Car Rental Apps

These are the best car renting apps you can use to get a ride anywhere.

1. Turo – Better Than Car Rental

Turo - Better Than Car Rental

iOS rating: 4.8

Android rating: 4.9

Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace for many reasons. All car owners are verified and rated, the prices are clear, and booking is very easy. The app is suitable both for riders and car sharing businesses.

What users say about this car rent app:

  • Choose an exact car you want
  • Less waiting and hassle compared to others
  • Cheaper than other renting car apps (prices start at $25/day)
  • Setup takes a few minutes (driver license upload + account creation)
  • Bad reviews mostly come from users who rented cars from owners with poor ratings

Download Turo:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

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iOS rating: 5.0

Android rating: 4.9

CARNGO is a rising star when it comes to apps for renting a car. The service works with over a hundred car rental platforms from all over the world, so it’s a good option for travel. What’s the best thing about this best car rental app? The easy-to-use search engine that gives good deals and makes booking easy.

What users say about this app for renting cars:

  • Prices are average
  • Simple and quick car rental process
  • App runs smoothly and with no bugs
  • Nice choice of vehicles of all classes and prices
  • Customer support is mostly responsive and helpful

Download CARNGO:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

3. Free2Move


iOS rating: 4.4

Android rating: 4.4

This app for car rental was designed for carless urban dwellers who like to leave the city once in a while. Free2Move offers plenty of car choices, especially for both quick trips. Besides car sharing, this top app also has info on parking and EV charging stations.

What users say about Free2Move:

  • Prices are average
  • Customer support is responsive
  • Some cars might arrive dirty inside
  • Car selection is limited but slowly increasing
  • There are regular discounts and promo offers

Download Free2Move:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

4. Enterprise


iOS rating: 4.9

Android rating: 4.4 

Enterprise is a reliable and straightforward car rental app that works in 7,000+ locations worldwide. The service has been active since the 1950s and scores some of the highest ratings in the industry today. The company’s app is also one of the top-rated ones to rent cars thanks to its simplicity and plenty of choices.

What users say about this app:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Good selection of cars for rental
  • Bonus points for premium accounts
  • Easy-to-use search feature with useful filters
  • App is updated frequently and works smoothly

Download Enterprise:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

5. Getaround


iOS rating: 4.7

Android rating: 3.7

Prefer to borrow cars from people, not companies? Then Getaround is a good car rentals app for you. The prices start as low as $5 per hour, so you could give it a try for a budget-friendly car rental. The selection is great, too, as you’ll find plenty of options.

What users say about this car rent app:

  • Wide variety of cars for every budget
  • You can share your car to earn money, too
  • Most cars arrive clean and with pre-agreed fuel levels
  • App for iOS is more stable than the one for Android
  • Prices can be a little bit lower compared to other rent car apps

Download Getaround:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

6. Rental 24h

Rental 24h

iOS rating: not enough ratings yet

Android rating: 3.9

Rental 24h is like Google of car rental apps. Just enter the location, pick-up and drop-off details, and the app will search for deals from Avis, Hertz, Budget Rent a Car, and other popular car rental apps. The search engine is easy to use + you can also reserve cars immediately.

What users say about this app for car rental:

  • Most cars arrive in excellent condition 
  • Easy way to get good value for money
  • You can view ratings of car rental providers
  • Car rentals are available in most major airports worldwide
  • Comparison options include ratings, prices, deposits, and fuel policies

Download this best rental car app:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

7. Share Now

Share Now

iOS rating: 4.8

Android rating: 3.6

Planning a trip to Europe? Share Now is the best car rental app to book rides in many major city centers and airports in the EU. The vehicle selection is good, and you’re free to use your chosen car for both short and long trips. Also, the app gives you access to the largest EV fleet among car sharing apps in the region.

What users say about this car rent app:

  • App is regularly updated
  • Fast and secure booking feature
  • You can book cars for both hourly and daily basis
  • Good option if you’re looking for premium vehicles
  • Customer support can be slow for foreign driver license holders

Download Share Now:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

8. Avis Car Rental

Avis Car Rental

iOS rating: 4.7

Android rating: 3.8

Avis is one of the top-grossing and biggest local car rental apps in the world, so it’s the best option for travelers. You’ll find just about any vehicle you need, for about an average market price. There’s also a bunch of premium perks for Avis Preferred members, including car upgrades and extended pick-up and drop-off times. 

What users say about this Avis Car Rental:

  • Prices are average
  • Car availability is great
  • iOS version of the app has fewer bugs
  • Customer support is responsive and helpful
  • App has exclusive benefits for Amazon customers

Download Avis Car Rental:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

9. Budget Car Rental

Budget Car Rental

iOS rating: 3.7

Android rating: 4.1

In this best car rental app, it’s easy to set up a new request, manage an existing one, and search for custom options. The car selection is good and you can get the latest models easily. If you want a more exclusive service, join the Fastbreak program to get advantages such as accessing all rentals in one car rental location.

What users say about this car rent app:

  • App is updated regularly
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Prices can be lower than average
  • If the service is out of your preferred car size, you might get a free upgrade
  • There’s a loyalty program with perks like priority service and quicker returns

Download Budget Car Rental:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

10. National Car Rental

National Car Rental

iOS rating: 4.8

Android rating: 4.0

National Car Rental is a well-established, international car rental platform, so their app is a good option for trips in the U.S. and abroad. There’s plenty of models to choose from, and you can contact the company to extend the rental from the app by choosing a new date.

What users say about this best app to rent cars:

  • Car selection is great
  • Renting experience is easy and intuitive
  • Modify your reservations without any extra charges
  • Android version sometimes crashes or doesn’t respond
  • Prices are average, but you can join the premium club to get perks

Download National Car Rental:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]

11. Zipcar: Cars on Demand

Zipcar: Cars on Demand

iOS rating: 4.5

Android rating: 3.7

Zipcar is a growing car sharing network that AVIS created to counter the competition. The cars are available in 500 cities across the world, which is a good range. Users also report good availability—sometimes “Zip cars” are the first to come through.

What users say about this car rent app:

  • Most cars arrive clean
  • Customer service is mostly reliable
  • iOS app is more reliable than the one for Android
  • Good car selection (vans, sedans, hybrids, EVs, etc.)
  • Sometimes cars don’t start in underground garages due to poor satellite connection

Download Zipcar:

Google Play Store [free] | App Store [free]



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