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Ways to overcome employees resistance to digital transformation


Expenses on digital transformations are about to reach $1.7 trillion by the end of 2019 according to a report from the International Data Corporation. Moreover, business leaders continuously refer to the digital transformation as a core business goal for the next years.

Moreover, these transformations deliver results. Around 70% of business leaders noticed a significant growth in customer satisfaction due to the shift, says SAP report. Thus, the desire of the company to be relevant and digital savvy has to face lots of challenges. Concerns over IT security and data leakage, the lack of developed standards, and legislation were named the top barriers to digital transformation in a recent IFS survey. The list also included employees’ reluctance to accept the change.

Despite that, often people consider the technology changes to be the problem, tech actually is not the issue here. Usually, it’s the way companies organize their employees and how fast they build new processes around the digital approach to business.

People dislike change, especially when it comes to their professional field. Of course, while some find it easy to switch from MS Office to Google Suite, going from familiar Excel tables to a custom business software can be tough.

It’s difficult to change the way people work and the way they think. So aside from transforming the tech, you have to transform company’s culture and priorities.

We at IDAP try to do everything in our power to assist our clients, and their employees get used to the newly developed business systems. So in this article, we have gathered a few tips and hints on how you can make a transition from the usual working pace to a new system pass quickly and seamlessly.

Go into a learning mode

Transformation is a never-ending journey for the business, and you have to constantly adjust to the market’s trends and best practices. Therefore the change has to start within yourself.

Learn up yourself, get new skills, be open to new ideas, as all of it comes in hand in the process of digital transformation.

Ways to overcome employees resistance to digital transformation

Train! Train! Train your employees!

Relying on the data offered by a Wrike Report, over 80% of the office staff are usually anxious about new processes and systems. Employee training is essential for a smooth digital transformation, just as it is for development of valuable business software. 

Call your subordinates for casual meetings, hear them out, discuss the issues and ways to overcome them. Run the product in beta, then in alfa, and then work out the best software for your business. While you train the staff, your service provider will be able to detect shortcomings and fix them. 

Collaborative efforts

Executives have to work as a team with their subordinate managers, especially those responsible for digitization, to find the best ways to promote and carry out the importance of introducing new business software. 

Take a collaborative approach and bring in all team leaders to help encourage other employees to join in on the mission. 

Take one step at a time

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for your business. Important work takes time, and digital transformation is a huge challenge for the whole organization. There is bound to be some resistance among the personnel. 

Make your employees feel like they also have a word to say about what works and what doesn’t. Seeing the positive results of the transformation is going to make them see it as a positive change for best. 

Ask for technical assistance

IDAP gladly offers our clients help with difficulties and misunderstanding that happen during the transition period. When things are not as easy as they used to be, employees can get frustrated and unmotivated, but having prompt help arriving can change that.

Knowing that there is always someone around to turn to can make even the most hesitant and doubtful employee give it a try.

Whether you decide to go with IDAP or any other provider or product, remember to keep a lookout for technical assistance.

digital transformation

Build a supportive force

Identify influential employees, early adopters, who can help others adapt to the new system, while keeping up the spirits and raising the understanding of why this change is important to the company. They can provide a morale boost to the company while also getting motivated themselves for being recognized by the executives. 

Be transparent 

Talk to your employees about the upcoming changes, celebrate success and discuss difficulties. Make them understand that they matter, that they are the foundation that drives your business further every day. Also, ask for their help when it is needed.


Digitizing the business is a long way with quite a number of obstacles awaiting. One of them is helping employees adjust to the new processes. To make sure everything goes smoothly it is important for the executive to take the lead, monitor the software implementation and make sure it is what the company needs. 

If you want your new tech to fit perfectly into the established process to lessen the stress for the employees, contact IDAP

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