IDAP Story: The Milestones of Our Success

Founded in 2008 & headquartered in Kyiv (Ukraine), our company specializes in providing customers with the most premium mobile and web-based solutions that custom software companies can offer. It’s a story of one ambitious idea which has transformed into a great functioning firm. IDAP has been in the league for 8 forceful years and counting. During these times, we’ve had our fair share of challenges all which have made IDAP what we are today – an experienced team of software programmers keen on creating outstanding mobile and web-based applications.

How The Idea Of IDAP Was Born?

Our history begins back in 2008 when Oleksandr Korin, the founder of IDAP, decided to cooperate with a couple of his friends and create a small mobile app development company specializing in iOS engineering.

“The idea to create IDAP emerged at the origin of mobile IT-sector, so we had a ‘fertile ground’ for development and growth with a variety of available marketing solutions. We pioneered the mobile app market in Ukraine, so it was only an instinct to choose iOS as a promising perspective among a variety of other opportunities” , – Oleksandr said.

He managed the front-end part and coordinated the sales and marketing activities. His teammates, a skilled back-end developer and a talented designer, helped him to work even more productively. Initially, they all worked from home, searching for ambitious projects to work on at freelance websites. Soon after the number and complexity of projects had grown, the more developers had engaged for freelance-based opportunities. In a year, Oleksandr was leading a solid team of freelancers engaging in many work arrangements from around the world.

The Milestones of Our Success

1st Milestone. Reformatting Business Idea

So the story of our success starts with a failure in one hand and significant challenge in the other. After the period of stable growth, Oleksandr Korin has encountered a severe business crisis. All due to the permanent instability and the need for an ongoing search for projects, majority of engaged developers have chosen the corporate full-time options rather than self-employment positions.

“We’ve lost great part of the team because, in terms of economic and marketing fluctuations, the majority of developers have chosen the stable job, not freelance unknowingness”, says Korin. “So I’ve understood that there is an urgent need to change the company development strategy. I’ve started to think over a unique idea allowing to create solid and productive team”.

The lack of projects and need for developers persuaded Oleksandr to widen his experience as a project manager. So in 2011, Korin abandoned all attempts at finding job offers and fully devoted himself to learning. His graduation project was dedicated exactly to the issue he was thinking about all the time: a marketing plan for the mobile app development company, but not the regular one. Korin had a special idea about employment: to teach and coach future engineers instead of hiring them.

“I wanted to apply a very special approach for creating high professional team work during, challenging, software projects. In case you begin teaching a person from scratch, you can double the profit: provide the great opportunity for the student and bring the amazing potential for the company. By teaching people, you create a special atmosphere of trust, loyalty, and support, and that is the spirit I wanted as a pillar in our corporate philosophy” , – said Oleksandr.

It sounds pretty idealistс from the first glance, but such a strategy brought lots of benefits to IDAP. Actually, such an approach allowed us to provide the company with the most amazing, experienced and educated staff who really strives for IDAP’s prosperity.

2nd Milestone. Educating Our First Employees

Having a really exceptional concept, Oleksandr decided to bring the project to life. Supported by his colleague and friend, Anton Kovalev, Korin represented the idea to Alexey Chernikov, who was really inspired by such an innovative approach. Ever since that fateful conversation, IDAP began its transformation from just a concept to a full-functioning mobile app development company under the leadership of Oleksandr, Anton, and Alexey.

Alex Chernikov, an experienced marketing director, provided the venture investments and headed the sales and marketing activities as company CEO. Oleksandr Korin as a skilled and talented programmer became IDAP CTO, responsible for app development strategy, coding, and product quality, as well as developing the educational program and teaching the first students based on the new concept. Anton Kovalev, an outstanding project manager and experienced iOS engineer, headed the Project Manager’s department organizing and coaching all the developers.
Since IDAP was established as a company focusing on training and educating future employees, in early 2012 the IDAP College has opened its doors to its first 8 students. Oleksandr acted as a mindful teacher and coach, so within half a year later, eight new employees have joined the team. The majority of these guys are still working for IDAP, occupying senior developer positions and coaching novices.

Such a strategy is still absolutely effective. We provide sustainable education in iOS (C, Objective-C) and gladly accept former students as junior developers at IDAP. Senior engineers mentor the rookies, providing them with advice/help if needed, giving the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. It is IDAP’s approach to creating a solid team, where each teammate can contribute to the spirit of support, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

3rd Milestone. Hard Hours Coding…

IDAP is staffed with best iOS developers. Therefore, the search for challenging projects has started. Due to hard work and dedication, IDAP team managed to develop amazing and valuable projects such as LiverpoolOne, Network90, WestSide, etc. In our strive for perfection, we worked a lot to provide the full support and maintenance at each stage of software project development and delivering perfect services starting from ideation up to the project monetization.

“We had never promised sky-high results in case our team was unable to reach it,” said Chernikov. “So our adherence to the estimation, as well as a complex approach to the project development, allowed us to reach the higher spots on Elance in 2013. We had a high rate of positive customer feedback and a reliable reputation which became the reason why we managed to grow significantly during 2013-14”.

That was the moment when we felt the need for the division of responsibilities and empowerments. In 2013-2014 we have established Android and Web departments, making IDAP a full-cycle app development company with valuable teams of project managers, developers, designers, QA engineers, HR-managers, etc.

4th Milestone. Going International

With eight years in the mobile app market, we managed to add more than 200 amazing applications to our portfolio, making it a similar amount of happy clients. Such amazing apps like ODJO, Darwin Beats, UniqueDoc empowered us to reach new goals and strengthened our faith in IDAP’s growing potential. So far we felt the need to expand; in 2016, IDAP has opened offices in Miami (USA), making our plans and activities international.

IDAP Today

Being a real tech pro means an obsession with perfection. Here in IDAP we have developed the unique approach to work: thoroughly choosing through challenging and exciting projects, we really engage in the process and share the values of our customers. We are devoted to helping our clients from the first stage of a project up to the last line of code and last bug fix. Due to the fact that most of our clients are startups or small to middle-sized enterprises, we know the real value of support, transparency, and trust that can be made by building a roadmap together with the client. We aim to grow and share our philosophy of coaching and knowledge-sharing. We believe we can share our vision with the world and mediate the fulfillment of a dream.

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